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This is a retired model with limited availability.

1/32 Messerschmitt BF109F-6U Limited Edition

1/32 Messerschmitt BF109F-6U Limited Edition

Flown by the Luftwaffe's very own Adolf Galland.

While stationed in France in early 1941, the JG26 fighter-wing was outfitted with Messerschmitt Bf 109Fs. Adolf Galland, recently promoted to Oberstleutnant, felt that the "F" variant lacked the armament power pilots needed to successfully shoot down Allied aircraft. As a result, Galland was given the opportunity to test-fly several 109 "specials," which were equipped with weapons like integral wing-mounted 20 mm MG-FF cannons. This limited edition kit features new nose panel parts, new under-wing bulge parts and markings for Luftwaffe JG26 Kommodore Oberstleutnant Adolf Galland, France, November, 1941.

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Stock Number: HSGS8214
Mfg. Number: 08214

Skill Level 3
158 pieces
Length: 12.2 in (310 mm)
Width: 11.14 in (283 mm)
Age 14+

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