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This is a retired model with limited availability.

1/48 Nakajima B5N2 Type 97 Kate Model 3 Limited Edition

1/48 Nakajima B5N2 Type 97 Kate Model 3 Limited Edition

Japan's deadliest bomber

A bomb from a B5N2 caused half the casualties at Pearl Harbor when it detonated the forward magazine of the battleship Arizona. As the war progressed, the bomber sank three American carriers and numerous other vessels. Near the end of the war, this three-seat bomber was used in kamikaze strikes against Allied shipping at Okinawa, causing massive damage and casualties. Not a single B5N2 survived the war intact, but you can own this limited edition kit that features three sets of decals!

Decal Options:

  1. I.J.N. 931st N.F.G. Code: KEB303 Kushira A.B. April 1945
  2. I.J.N. 951st N.F.G. Code: Oki-303 Okinawa March 1945
  3. I.J.N. 931st N.F.G. Code: KEB325 Saeki A.B. Early 1945

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Stock Number: HSGS7399
Mfg. Number: 07399

Skill Level 3
127 pieces
Length: 8.5 in (215.5 mm)
Width: 12.7 in (323 mm)
Age 14+

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