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This is a retired model with limited availability.

Egg Plane Air Force One VC-25 Limited Edition

Egg Plane Air Force One VC-25 Limited Edition

"The Eagle Laid An Egg. I Repeat, The Eagle Laid An Egg." When you rule the roost you can't just flap around in any old bird-people would squawk. No, you need a Grade-A jet with scrambled fighter protection. If one cracks, the cock of the walk has two of the big birds! There are benefits to being at the top of the pecking order: a nest feathered with telephones, TVs, internet, two galleys and a med bay. Not eggs-actly egalitarian, but no one's in a broil. At $325 million each, the set would buy 5 billion eggs. That's one big omelet.

Decal Option:

  1. U.S.A.F. "Air Force One" Code: 28000, 29000

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Stock Number: HSGS6054
Mfg. Number: 60504

Skill Level 2
20 pieces
Age 14+

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