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This is a retired model with limited availability.

1/72 Tornado GR4 #12 Farewell Special Limited Edition

1/72 Tornado GR4 #12 Farewell Special Limited Edition

Variable sweep versatility

Introduced in the early seventies, the Tornado GR4 was designed to deliver the best balance of carrying capacity, range, and performance using variable-geometry wings. The aircraft could fly long distances to targets using wide-swept wings then roar in with wings in the delta configuration. After the Gulf War, the British fleet of Tornado aircraft was upgraded to the GR4 standard to improve the delivery of precision-guided munitions. This new variant of the aircraft was used in the War in Iraq. This limited edition kit features a special "Farewell" decal and parts for Brimstone and Storm Shadow missiles.

Decal Options:

  1. R.A.F. No.12 SQ. Farewell special marking Code: ZA395 2014
  2. R.A.F. No.12 SQ. Normal scheme Code: FB:ZG775

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Stock Number: HSGS2116
Mfg. Number: 02116

Skill Level 3
137 pieces
Length: 9.56 in (243 mm)
Width: 7.59 in (193 mm)
Age 14+

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