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This is a retired model with limited availability.

Spitfire Beaufighter (2 kits) Limited Edition

Spitfire Beaufighter (2 kits) Limited Edition

Overwatch for Operation Overlord

In the lead up to D-Day, German ships, ground forces and aircraft were arrayed to make an amphibious landing very costly. Fortunately, the RAF had the Spitfire and Beaufighter. The Spitfire was a renowned dogfighter and one of the best daytime fighters of the war. The Beaufighter was a juggernaut loaded with one of the heaviest weapon loads of any WWII fighter. Together, these fighters helped scour sky, sea and soil of enemies and pave the way for Allied victory. This limited edition combo includes two decal sets for each aircraft.

Decal Options:
Spitfire Mk.IXc

  1. Royal A.F. No.453SQ. Code: FU-Z (MK421) June 1944
  2. Royal A.F. No.312SQ. Code: DU-L (MJ840) June 1944
Beaufighter Mk.X
  1. Royal A.F. No.236SQ. Code: MB-T (NT950) June 1944
  2. Royal A.F. No.455SQ Code: UB-E (NE543) 1944

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Stock Number: HSGS2087
Mfg. Number: 02087

Skill Level 3
45 / 130 pieces
Age 14+

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