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This is a retired model with limited availability.

1/72 Junkers JU88C-6 Nacht Jager Limited Edition

1/72 Junkers JU88C-6 Nacht Jager Limited Edition

German "Night Hunters" of WWIIJunkers Ju88Cs hunted enemy planes at night, homing in on their targets with radar arrays and then unleashing the concentrated firepower of its guns. These fighters experienced many successes in the early days of the war because of their similarity to Ju88 bombers. Later versions were equipped with 20 mm cannons in a "Schrage musik" configuration for tearing the bellies out of bombers. This limited edition kit features all new gun, antenna and landing gear parts.

Decal Options:

  1. Ju88C-6 Early type : Luftwaffe 1./NJG2 Code: R4+HH
  2. Ju88C-6 Early type : Luftwaffe 3./NJG2 Code: R4+FL
  3. Ju88C-6 Late type : Luftwaffe experimental version of slanting gun Code: DU+GO

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Stock Number: HSGS2037
Mfg. Number: 02037

Skill Level 3
137 pieces
Length: 7.99 in (203 mm)
Width: 10.98 in (279 mm)
Age 14+

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