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This is a retired model with limited availability.

1/72 Thunderbolt MKII RAF (2 kits) Limited Edition

1/72 Thunderbolt MKII RAF (2 kits) Limited Edition

Get your hands on a nice pair of "Jugs".

Thunderbolts in service during WWII gained the nickname "Jugs" because of their close resemblance to period milk bottles. Fortunately for the Allies, the "Jugs" were no milksops. Their eight .50 caliber machine guns were adept at taking down the Luftwaffe's juggernauts and their heavy armor protection let them shatter ground targets with relative impunity. In RAF service, the Thunderbolt brought its guns to bear from Burma to Berlin. This limited edition kit features two RAF Thunderbolts with decals for Codes: KJ348, AW-F and GQ-B.

Decal Options:

  1. Royal A.F. No.73 OTU: Operational Training Unit Code: KJ348 Spring 1945
  2. Royal A.F. No.42 SQ. Sq. Leader W.M. Soutter Code: AW-F 1945
  3. Royal A.F. No.134 SQ Flying Officer N.G. Salter Code: GQ-B 1945

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Stock Number: HSGS2033
Mfg. Number: 02033

Skill Level 3
36 / 36 pieces
Length: 8.72 in (157 mm)
Width: 6.04 in (175 mm)
Age 14+

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