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This is a retired model with limited availability.

1/72 F-16F (Block 60) Fighting Falcon Limited Edition

1/72 F-16F (Block 60) Fighting Falcon Limited Edition

The dynamic "Desert Falcon."

Developed especially for the United Arab Emirates, the two-seat F-16F (Block 60) comes fully equipped with exciting, cutting-edge upgrades. Its unique AN/APG-80 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar can simultaneously track and destroy ground and air targets. A Falcon Edge Integrated Electronic Warfare Suite Radar Warning Receiver with a Self-Protection Jammer displays any potential enemy's bearing and range. An advanced fiber-optic data bus system is also included, which can handle 1,000x the data of a standard serial data bus system! This limited edition kit features new camera pod parts and dorsal span panel parts.

Decal Options:

  1. U.A.E. A.F., Code: 3005
  2. U.A.E. A.F., Code: 3001
  3. U.A.E. A.F., Code: 3010
  4. Extra Decal Sheet, Code: 3008

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Stock Number: HSGS1930
Mfg. Number: 01930

Skill Level 3
107 pieces
Length: 7.63 in (194m)
Width: 5.19 in (132 mm)
Age 14+

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