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This is a retired model with limited availability.

1/72 Mikoyan-23 & Mikoyan-27 Flogger Combo (2 kits) Limited Edition

1/72 Mikoyan-23 & Mikoyan-27 Flogger Combo (2 kits) Limited Edition

Seventies-era Soviet Strikers

Developed during the seventies as a "third generation" fighter interceptor, the Mikoyan-23 was designed with variable-sweep wings to improve its ability to take off with large loads of ordnance. The huge numbers of "Floggers" built were eventually outclassed by the fourth generation of fighters and many were converted to the Mikoyan-27 fighter bomber standard. These aircraft carried improved targeting systems for attacking ground targets and were available in the closing days of the Soviet-Afghan war. This limited edition kit combo features two models, each with two sets of decals.

Decal Options:


  1. Russian A.F. Code: 11
  2. Polish A.F. Code: 012
  1. Russian A.F. Code: 51
  2. Ukrainian A.F. Code: 83

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Stock Number: HSGS0208
Mfg. Number: 02108

Skill Level 3
54 / 73 pieces
Age 14+

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